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“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”
     - Bill Mollison

Earth Care Services

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple. - Bill Mollison

"As the human collective we have one known place we can safely live...the Earth!


This planet is perfectly set-up to support life. We have come to understand that the earth's systems are completely interconnected, working together in inseperabable harmony. Humanity has slipped out of harmony with our home, and in a very short time has done severe damage to the entire planet. Many people have worked very hard to reverse this damage, and in the process, blazed the trail for us to follow.


The time is here for the human family, as a whole, to care for the earth. Our first concern should be the earth below our feet, the river underneath the bridge we drive over and the yard out our windows. If we each care for the space around us the whole world changes. In its natural state this region of Ohio is epic! It was and can be again a towering forested land, with intense animal diversity, rivaling the greatest forests on the planet. I love this place and want to support everyone to work together to restore it."  - Jacob Thompson  

a few Earth Care Components We Offer

Forest Gardens

Forest gardens have a wide range of application, from an existing woods to blank land. A forest garden can also be designed with many different functions in mind, from a practical design for steady harvesting of food or other products, to a wildlife sanctuary. In any case, this type of land management mimics natural forests as a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Forest Restoration

Much of the land in our area is terrably degraded. The reality of this can be hard to accept but the fact is, the more land you visit, the more you will observe struggling ecosystems on the verge of colapse. The need for restoration is extreme. There is no space too small to be revitalized! Please contact us for a no cost consultation of how to bring vitality back to your space.

Honeysuckle Clean Up

Bush Honeysuckle is the most devistating and invasive plant to our local ecosystem. If you have a yard, it is there. Even if you have grass from edge to edge you are mowing down seedlings every year. Honeysuckle chokes out the under growth of the forest and slowing chokes out the trees themselves. It is doubtful that this plant will be irradicated entirely, but we can control it and save the diversity of our forested land.

Butterfly Gardens

A butterfly garden is great addition to any space. This model includes flowering pollen plants, habitat and food for butterflys and other pollinators at all stages of life. It is a perfect garden environment for people to sit and enjoy the life floating around. Butterfly's, like so much of our natural world, need help! We can all contribute to saving these creatures while enjoying a long season of delightful time sitting among these magical creatures.

Habitat Corridors

Although everything we are working towards offers space for wildlife, portions of land can be dedicated as wildlife sanctuaries. The focus with this is to devolop habitat were there is a safe place for as much animal diversity as the site allows. 

Prairie Installation

Prairie land is a diverse mix of perrinial grasses and wild flowers, each adding to the system as a whole. This type of planting can be done on 100 square feet up to many acres. It is a surprisingly affordabale way to convert extra lawn space into a natural wonderland.

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