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Landscape Services

Landscaping has been a form of art for thousands of years.


The pallet is made of the natural elements; earth, water, fire, air, space/ether and is endlessly exansive. We find great joy is seeing our art unfold and express itself.


Barefoot Design landscaping fits well into the modern suburban landscape. When suitable, we colaborate with other specialized designers, consultants, and builders to offer a high-end landscape design and installation, while remaining a small company with competitive pricing.

Landscape Design & Installation

From the street view, the landscape is the final brush strokes of the home's appearance. An artist's eye, an enormous plant availability, the use of stone walls or boulders, precise-spacing, and a diverse design experience, is what is available to transform an average yard into the envy of the neighborhood. If you are ready to transform you landscape, or just want to make some changes, we are excited for every opportunity to create and build. 

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenence and restoration is instant gratification at its best. If your landscpae has been a bit neglected, or you simply want it looking amazing, we can keep it looking beautiful. We offer full service maintenence including, spring and fall cleanups, mulch, organic fertilizers for plants and lawn, and prunning of trees and shrubs.  

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