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Custom Tiny House Creations

"Living in a tiny house does not mean living small. It's quite the opposite. It means living luxuriously in harmony with the nature." - Lucas Thompson

We are very excited to announce that Barefoot Design is beginning to build Tiny Houses. The home is at the core of our lives, and the current American dream leaves us bound to it for our entire working lives. Our vision, is to offer an open door to fullfilled, boundless life. The Tiny House designs will include everything you need to live an affordable, sustainable life, and an opportunity to take your life back. Of course, we hope you join the good life movement, where we contribute to a thriving, love-based shift in culture together, but if you would like to use your newy found free-time to simply enjoy all the good parts, thats good too!


Our first Tiny House build is set to start in late November and is a custom build for Lucas, who has dedicated himself to the Tiny House building department. Our previous years contracting have led us to this new that merges our passion for sustainable living with the joy of design and construction.


While the effort in research and design is being done, we are also forming partnerships, and locating potential sites for Tiny House communities. The community layout would be made up of small private home sites, developed along with community spaces and farm space, to provide the utilities and food for the community.



We are now available for free Tiny House consultations.

Lucas Thompson working on Tiny House designs.

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