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About Barefoot Design

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”
     - Bill Mollison
Who We Are

The brothers Lucas and Jacob Thompson are dedicated to enriching our human experience in balance with nature, utilizing emerging technologies, and promoting abundance and happiness through local sustainable systems. Read more about us.

Our Mission

The mission of Barefoot Design is to be a contributing part of the peaceful, harmonious world that we all want to share and enjoy. Our determination is to live that way now and to serve in the building of a permanent ecological culture in the southern Ohio region.

Your Actions Make the Difference

Truly, how we act locally impacts the entire world--one action, one purchase at a time. The only sure way of knowing your impact is to have direct connection with it.


For example, driving on a multi-million-ton mountain of trash at the Rumpke dump helps one appreciate what happens every time something is thrown away. Another example would be planting a fruit tree. Soon after, birds begin to nest in the tree, then people and animals eat from the tree. Every action has a result.

6 Aspects of Our Philosophy


Sustainable, ecologically harmonious living differs from one location to another. By adopting bioregional thinking we become stewards in our own part of the world. This includes becoming responsible for the water, the air, the soil, the wildlife and one other. By "keeping it local," resources circulate in the region, allowing for growing abundance.


Throughout history human interaction has often led to conflict. We must work together to set up community-based structures to encourage going beyond surviving and into thriving in our human experience. 


Our monetary system is based on debt. To move away from this form of slavery we are creatively working towards an economy based on resource sharing and abundance. 




As much as we need to reshape the external systems on the earth, internal work is also vital. Through our individual life path, each of us has the opportunity to live a love-based life, instead of fear-based. By cultivating this, a deeper sense of appreciation emerges for all peoples, all cultures and nature itself.


Permaculture is a design system that takes into account all disciplines of agriculture, science, history, and architecture to create a permanent culture.  


The earth is our only home. This planet's systems are in the process of failing. We have a choice of living in the flow of our destructive society or contributing to saving the planet, our only home, from collapse.  

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