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Permaculture Services

Permaculture is a design science that intends on truely utilizing the power of nature to restore balence and provide abundantly.


If you feel ready to take large steps toward a self sustaining life and interested in self suficientcy, off grid living, small scale (or large scale) farming, or no impact living then permaculture is a complete guide. One easy way to begin this journey is to contact us for a prelimanary conversation. 

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a few Permaculture Components We Offer

Permaculture Design: Whole Property

We will work together to create a permaculture design that fits your intentions, desires and abilitys. Then work out a plan that will allow a new reality to be possible. The process will be individually taylored to fit any budget and knowledge base. 

Bee Box Installation

Support the bees, encourage better pollination of your fruit trees, and enjoy yummy honey. Bee keeping is a great hobby that offers so much learning about the natural world that is all around us all the time. 

Back Yard Chicken Flock 

Although chickens are very easy to keep and are enjoyable, getting started can be uneasy. We can help with building a coop, finding the right kinds of chickens for you and make sure they are well taken care of. 

Mushrooms in Landscape

Mushrooms are a huge part of our ecosystem. They work to break down all woody material and enrich the soil. Mushrooms also are tasty and a super food. Another great thing about them is they dont need sun. So werever plants wouldnt do so well mushrooms can thrive.

Home Garden Design & Installation

Nothing beats home grown food! We are happy to help with the intial layout and build of your home garden. We also never turn down dinner invitations!

Water Capture



Water is a valuable resource. However, it can also be a problem when it isn't managed. Water can run off a property too quickly or puddle and drown plants. There are many water solutions that use gravity in our favor to water the gardens and filter out toxins. 

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